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DON'T BE THAT GUY: Part 3 The Story of the One Upper

Written by Elliot


Click here to see today's comic (February 9, 2016).


Telling stories or anecdotes with friends can be a great way to socialize.  Instead of just saying something quickly, you get to put more feeling, time and energy into what you want to say.  It is also great at getting your listeners to not only pay attention but to feel like they are experiencing the story themselves.

People usually tell stories in turn.  First one person tells a story and then the next tells a similar story about themselves or someone they know.  Having similar experiences can heighten friendships and build bonds between people.

However, there is a trap you have to be careful about not falling into.  It is becoming the "One Upper" or person who has to have or do more than everybody else.  This is the person who tells an almost similar story but raises one aspect to make them look better than the previous person.

For example, the first person may say, "I can eat a lot of sushi, about 25 plates at a time."  Not to be outdone, the One Upper will say, "well, I can eat 57 plates, two soups and a large ramen...and still have room for dessert."  Could it be true, it very well may be, but it is unnecessary and only makes the first person feel bad about themselves.

Like I said earlier, there is nothing bad about telling stories about what you are able or can do, but if all the story does is outdo someone else, it's better to not tell the story.  Be kind and support your friends.  Don't be a One Upper.

Some topics to be careful of when telling stories:

Your salary
Where you have traveled and what you did
Your job position

Can you think of any other topics?

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