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The World of Graphic Novels

Written by Matt


In Japan many people read manga on a daily basis. There are manga about different kinds of subjects and so there is something for everyone. 

In England and America some people also read Japanese-style manga and even translations of certain Japanese manga. Naruto in particular is very popular and more recently Attack on Titan has become popular too. 

Apart from reading manga however many more people read the more traditional-style serial comic books produced by Marvel or DC (Detective Comics). I'm sure you've heard of some of the characters in these comics such as Iron Man, Superman or Batman. They have become very popular recently due to the movies that have been made based on them. 

Apart from these shorter serial comics there is also a longer form called the graphic novel. This a much longer and larger book usually containing one complete story. Often they are actually a collection of the short serial comics. 

There are two graphic novels which I would like to recommend because they are seminal works in the world of comic books. Both were released in 1985 and they changed the way stories in comics could be told. 

The first is The Dark Knight Returns. This comic changed the way people viewed the character of Batman. Much of the most common things that we think about Batman come from this comic. 

The second is called Watchmen. This is a tale about what would probably actually happen if ordinary people really did try to become superheroes, and what the consequences would be. 

If you get the chance please try reading these excellent graphic novels. They are long, but they are very good and will keep you engaged until the end.

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