Got Proof?
February 18, 2016

Written by Gosia


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In today's blog, I'd like to focus on some vocabulary containing the word proof. In the comic strip, the rat asks the flight attendant to “put all the babies in a soundproof box.” Soundproof means not allowing sound to go through. The reason why the rat asks for that is because babies tend to cry on a plane and make a lot of noise and so other passengers can't sleep. But, of course, that's not possible.


Here is a list of some common vocabulary containing the word proof:


1. soundproof (doesn't let sound through; 防音)

examples: a soundproof room, a soundproof wall


2. waterproof (doesn't let water through; 防水)

example: a waterproof sleeping bag


3. bulletproof (doesn't let bullets through; 防弾)

examples: bulletproof glass, a bulletproof vest


4. fireproof (can't be damaged by fire, 防燃)

example: a fireproof safe


5. childproof (can't be opened by a child; 小児用安全)

example: a childproof container


6. foolproof (so simple to understand that it can't go wrong; 馬鹿よけ)

examples: a foolproof system, a foolproof camera


7. shockproof (not easily damaged if hit or dropped)

example: a shockproof watch

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